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WineBrane LAB GAS

WineBrane LAB GAS

Система WineBrane LAB GAS

WineBrane LAB GAS газ система точного линейного управления растворенного концентрированного газа в вине в лабораторном масштабе.
Газовое хозяйство включает в себя весь спектр одновременной пропитки СО2 и кислорода плюс удаление азота.
Это O2, N2 и CO2 удаления в молодые красные вина, дезоксигенации только перед розливом или хранение для виноделия, освежающий из белых и розовых вин с СО2 во время наполнения или производства Perlé вин.
Система может быть использована в лаборатории для определения оптимальной концентрации растворенного СО2 для наиболее уравновешенного вкуса вина уважении их конкретных вкусов и остаточного сахара в сочетании с концентрации CO2.

Operating principle

The main component of the skid is a hydrophobic (refuses to get wet) membrane system which is not selective for small gaseous molecules due to its defined size of pores but respects the evaporation pressure of each molecule. Only gases with low molecular weight and high evaporation pressure can pass through the barrier, thus, the structural properties of the wine after the degassing remain unchanged, avoiding any losses of aromatic components. The wine flows at the shell side of the hollow fibre membranes where, in the lumen side, a vacuum or CO2 as sweep gas is applied for gas removal. For impregnation, the CO2 flows with an overpressure of 0,2 - 0,5 bar to the wine, which is in this case directly dissolved in the wine and, if desired, up to the limit of solubility. CO2 concentration.

Design and features

The design and construction of the unit is performed in compliance with the requirements of the food-processing industry:
- Parts in contact with the product: St.St. AISI 316
- Housing: St.St. AISI 304
- Pumps: peristaltic pump for wine and vacuum pump
- Control panel in its own housing in St.St. AISI 304
- Membrane: Hydrophobic polypropylene membrane with FDA certification
The design is CIP cleanable (alkaline solution and disinfectants), units can also be sanitised with hot water.


The WineBrane is available in only one size, manually operated, with flow rates of 50 L/h for the wine flow. Respectively, the limit of solubility for CO2 can be reached in any case, its concentration depends on pressure and temperature.

WineBrane LAB GAS
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